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    Character application rules

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    Character application rules Empty Character application rules

    Post by Graviton on Tue Mar 27, 2012 10:24 am

    Alright, before anyone does any RPing, everyone should make a character. You submit character bios here, but they need to meet certain criteria to be approved by the mods. Your Bio must include:

    Words>150: Your bio should be at least 150 words.

    Name: Character name, not username. Remember, only GameMasters and army commanders can use actual characters from the show.

    Type: There are 5 types of character.
    Earth Ponies: Powerful low-powered attacks, but no high-powered attacks.
    Pegasus: Devastate, but you need lots of power first.
    Unicorns: Most attacks are low damage, but heal you.
    Dragons: Free. They can form temporary alliances with anyone, but cannot formally join an army.
    Alicorns: Huge healing and attack power, is reserved for army commanders.
    GameMaster: Special class that is only available to moderators.

    Army: Mention the army you want. As of right now, you can be in the Star or Moon army. To keep game integrity, only GameMasters can start armies until we have 100 members. If you don't mention an army, we'll assign you to one unless you're a dragon.

    Bio: Just a little bit about your character.

    Pic: Google 'MLP Pony Generator' and go crazy.

    Have fun!

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