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RP Guide: Full rules and powers

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RP Guide: Full rules and powers

Post by Graviton on Tue Mar 27, 2012 9:46 pm

All powers require strength. You have 100 strength, 10 of which regenerates at each turn. There are currently 5 power levels, and each time you win a battle you advance one level. You start with a character, one power that uses 10 strength, and an army (unless your character is a dragon). Alicorns are instantly moved to level 5. Below is a chart representing what you can use depending on your power level. (Hint: Pegasi and Unicors may want to go into battle with an earth pony or Alicorn until they have at least level 3)

Earth Ponies:
KICK uses 10 strength and deals 10 damage to the enemy.
BUCK uses 25 strength and deals 35 damage.
APPLEBUCK is a special move that can only be used once ever 5 turns. It takes 50 strength, deals 45 damage, and repairs 20 of your health.

BUZZ uses 10 strength and deals 5 damage, as well as repairing 10 of your health.
FLY uses 25 strength but shields you from any enemy moves. Does not work on other pegasi.
RAM uses 50 strength and does 40 damage.
JETWASH uses 75 strength and does 80 damage. Must be used immediately after FLY.
SONIC RAINBOOM is a special move that can only be used once per battle. It takes 100 strength, does 85 damage, and reverses the effect of your opponent's last move.

HEAL uses 10 strength and restores 15 of your health.
GROUP HEAL uses 25 strength and restores 10 health to you and two others.
BEAM uses 50 strength, does 30 damage, and drains 25 of the enemy's strength.
TELEPORT uses 75 strength, does 45 damage, and opponent loses next turn.
BLAST is a special move that can only be used once every 10 turns. It uses 100 strength, does 55 damage, and repairs 20 damage to all army members.

To Be Continued...

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